Multi-currency Purchase Ledger

DIBS Purchase Ledger System is part of the fully integrated suite of applications that make up the Dataflair Integrated Business System. The system processes all purchases initiated by Purchase Order Processing feeding data to the Nominal Ledger for detailed analysis.


Multi-currency supports global operations

Sourcing the best supplier for your product and components from anywhere in the world is important for your business, but can create havoc in the accounts department. Dataflair is able to smooth the way with it’s multi-currency capabilities. As with the Sales Ledger, each account can have mixed currencies including the Euro and all totals may be updated to reflect fluctuations in exchange rates.

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Strong security is built in

Again mirroring the Sales Ledger, there are numerous security features making the system easier to use and minimising mistakes. These features include:

  • Automatic supplier payment facility
  • Cheque printing
  • Full audit trail facilities
  • Default responses for all posting programs

Full integration with Purchase Order Processing and Nominal Ledger ensures integrity of data at all times.

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Reports & analysis

Most reporting and analysis will be conducted in the Nominal Ledger, but you still need to view the detail within the Purchase Ledger. Standard reports include:

  • VAT analysis
  • Ledger control report
  • Aged creditors report with status and contact details

Reports are supplied as standard, but all are fully customisable to meet your business’s unique requirements.

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Bespoke functionality at packaged prices.

The DIBS Integrated Business System is designed using the latest proven technology and is constantly enhanced and upgraded to ensure customers a modern system that keeps pace with your changing requirements. It can be tailored to meet your precise requirements at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke system.

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