Who We Are

We are, first and foremost, an independent organisation with a strong relationship with the world’s fastest software development tools in Magic XPA and XPI, and deeply proud of it because our very independence ensures our clients get the very best there is to offer from a world of so many different systems. 

Dataflair Systems Limited was formed in November 1991 in a management buyout of the software development department of Colt Computers Ltd (originally Friargrove Systems 1978), a pioneering microcomputer development and support company.

Initially the company concentrated on improving and supporting the Colt Business System. After a period of investigation Magic (now XPA) was chosen as the software development tool of the future and in 1993 Dataflair started to develop its new products. There was a restricted roll out of the initial MS-DOS based product, but in 1996 with the release of full Windows version of Magic the product received a further redevelopment and 1997 saw the first release of DIBS (the Dataflair Integrated Business System).

Over the years the company has continued to develop the core functionality of the system and expand the range of customer industries supported extending from the standard wholesale distributor to small manufacturing organisations as well as Accountants, Training organisations and Vehicle Contract Hire and Rental companies.

Who We Are
We believe our continued success is the long relationship with our clients and that our loyalties remain sharply focused on you, our client, and providing you with the best possible IT and business system options- Peter Kemp - Director.

Our longevity in the business software industry and vast collective of experience provides a partnership of the broadest sets of skills in IT anywhere, a fact that delights our clients and disappoints our competitors in equal measure. There can’t be many organisations as compact as ours that boast collective IT and business wisdom and experience of five centuries (In fact Yoda himself could barely add anything to our offering.)

Read a little more about our partners below

Peter Kemp - Director

Our most senior partner, Peter is an IT Svengali, often described as utterly obsessed with ensuring client’s IT capabilities can help them generate new revenue streams.

Karen Broomhead - Director

Equally comfortable solving mind-boggling IT issues for major corporations or getting home office computers running at full capacity. Karen enjoys this stuff so much we fear she’d probably do it for free if she wasn’t so handsomely paid.

John Griffiths

Our web design and marketing guru creates and builds tremendously effective and genuinely coveted websites, of which many of his clients are justly proud.

Tom May, Steven Priest and Co - Kiwi IT

Microsoft-certified and Gold Partners, are perhaps our most trusted partners. Simply because they delve deeper into our clients IT workings and come up with sparkling solutions that last for decades. A jewel of an IT partner.

Alan Loukes

Alan’s incredible grip on many of the most convoluted, perplexing and exhausting systems in the IT world creates just one outstanding outcome- simplicity. He makes software writing so much simpler for clients and colleagues alike.

Brendan Wheeler

Top of his field in rapid design & development using Magic XPA and XPI. The world fastest development tool. If you want a system designed & built fast, this is your man.

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