How We Work

Life’s complicated enough so we like to keep things simple- just like our humble but devastatingly efficient website.

We could talk forever about the incredible depths of our IT knowledge and immediately reduce the vast majority of you to epic bouts of snoring at your desks. But, of course, we won’t. Suffice to say, we have very high standards of work and have enjoyed many, many years of success in the IT sphere because we like what we do and get a huge kick out of performing well.

Our clients speak highly of us, their descriptions of us ranging from cheerful and easy to work with, to the equivalent of undiluted IT messiahs, as you’ll no doubt have read in their glowing testimonials throughout this site.

How We Work
They basically rate us because we deliver the goods every time. And added to our own very high standards, we are bound by our affiliation to meet the rigorous standards of competency laid down by CompTIA and AccredIT UK Scheme.

By this scheme we must:

  • Gather clear information on our client’s requirements
  • Record and communicate our understanding of the requirement to the client and obtain agreement
  • Provide written advice and a quotation
  • Obtain an Official Order
  • Acknowledge the receipt of the order repeating our supply of a service or equipment
  • Proceed with the supply of advice, service and materials ordered in the agreed timeframe.
  • Seek acceptance and payment

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