Stock Control

DIBS Stock Control System is part of the fully integrated suite of applications that make up the Dataflair Integrated Business System. The system covers all aspects of stock management with a high level of security.


A straight forward system hign on security

The product has been designed to make entering and updating of the stock card as simple as possible – another timesaver from DIBS. All input is covered by the comprehensive movements audit trail ensuring peace of mind. The Stock Audit Report can be selected by a specific movement type, or all types of movement giving you flexibility and security.

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Security features

  • Access to stock items by stock code, description or product group
  • Separate programs for stock receivings, adjustments, issues & receipts
  • Printed notices detailing stock lines and quantities
  • Note pad facility for appending supplementary information

The system has been designed with security and ease-of-use to end-users allowing you to manage stock efficiently.

We like to keep business systems simple and easy for you. Call us and we’ll explain exactly how we can help.

Stock valuation & analysis

Stock is a vital asset the value of which needs to be monitored constantly. DIBS offers a number of flexible routines which enable you to pinpoint your organisations exact position at any time. Valuation features include:

  • True average & latest cost prices held
  • Automatic stock price change
  • Price book with ability to print current stock levels
  • Stock valuation by average, latest or standard cost price

All these features are able to feed into reports and desktop Executive Information Systems allowing close scrutiny of stock positions.


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Comprehensive report & analysis

To manage your business effectively you need timely management information. DIBS supplies a full range of reports and analysis including:

  • Audit trail of all movements
  • Sales figures for current period and year-to-date
  • Free, allocated and back ordered stock
  • Single or multi level bill of materials processing
  • Price book
  • Suggested re-order based on current sales
  • Summary and detailed stock report by product group

Reports are supplied as standard, but all are fully customisable to meet your business’s unique requirements.


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Bespoke functionality

The Dataflair Integrated Business System is designed using the latest proven technology and is constantly enhanced and upgraded to ensure customers a modern system that keeps pace with your changing requirements. It can be tailored to meet your precise requirements at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

Designed for you, with you and the way you do business.

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