Purchase Order Processing

DIBS Purchase Order Processing System is part of the fully integrated suite of applications that make up the Dataflair Integrated Business System. This module has a back-to-back link with the Sales Order Processing system, providing a seamless process for "just in time" supply.


Flexible sales to purchase order link

The product allows you to deal with special as well as regular purchase orders easily and quickly. Time saving features include:

  • Raises purchase orders on one-to-one basis
  • Generates requests for quotations for specials
  • Converts best quotation into purchase order
  • Fax documents to clients at the touch of a button

A system that is fast and easy to use encourages accuracy at the input stage. Fewer errors help to alleviate stress and fatigue to end-users.

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Flexibility to suit your business

Because every business is different we have made the system as flexible as possible to give you more choice.

  • Access by choice of methods
  • Free format reference field
  • Separate treatment for goods and invoices received
  • Order amendments

This enables you to match the software process to your business, rather than the other way around, keeping you in control.

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Comprehensive report & analysis

DIBS supplies a range of reports to allow you to manage your business effectively.

  • Orders placed against particular suppliers
  • Overdue orders
  • Goods received and invoiced
  • Stock audit trail

Reports are supplied as standard, but all are fully customisable to meet your business’s unique requirements which means that you get the information you want in the most appropriate format.

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Bespoke functionality

The DIBS Integrated Business System is designed using the latest proven technology and is constantly enhanced and upgraded to ensure customers a modern system that keeps pace with your changing requirements. It can be tailored to meet your precise requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Designed for you, with you and the way you do business.

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