Nominal Ledger

DIBS Nominal Ledger System is part of the fully integrated suite of applications that make up the Dataflair Integrated Business System. It combines data from all other areas of system to give detailed financial analysis of your entire organisation.


Know where you stand at the click of a button

In today’s fast moving business world you need to know exactly where your organisation stands financially despite constant currency fluctuations. DIBS nominal ledger provides full functionality with multi-currency capabilities including currency revaluation as a standard feature.

We like to keep business systems simple and easy for you. Call us and we’ll explain exactly how we can help.

Flexible structure with full integration

Because no two organisations are the same, the system can be set up to mirror the structure of your company utilising the umbrella "grouping structure". Allocation of budgets is kept flexible to allow for individual requirements.

Postings to the nominal ledger can be made from integrated modules within the DIBS Integrated Business System thus ensuring integrity of data at all times. Transactions can also be made via the normal data posting program. Repeat postings can be made automatically saving time and guarding against errors and omissions.



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Comprehensive Report & analysis

Timely management information is the key to running a successful business. DIBS supplies a range of reports all of which are can be downloaded into all of the popular Executive Information Systems to allow in-depth analysis with data from other areas of the organisation. Standard reports include:

  • Detailed ledger and ledger comparison.
  • Trial balance & extended trial balance reports
  • Comparisons with previous periods figures
  • Comparisons of actual against budget

Reports are supplied as standard, but all are fully customisable to meet your business’s unique requirements.


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Bespoke functionality

The DIBS Integrated Business System is designed using the latest proven technology in Magic XPI and XPA and is constantly enhanced and upgraded to ensure customers a modern system that keeps pace with your changing requirements. It can be tailored to meet your precise requirements at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

Designed for you, with you and the way you do business.

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