Wholesale Stock

P R Roast & Co

Fancy goods importers and suppliers to florists and gift shops. With 3 warehouses in Ipswich, P R Roast handle a vast range of every changing glassware, trophies and other fancy goods. As one of our earliest clients (1990) we have long relationship with 2 generations of this family business and we’d like to think their growing success is in part, down to their DIBS system.

Surechem Products

Keeping and storing a large range of industrial chemicals has its own challenges. Stock location and proximity to other chemicals was a unique concern. With the ability to modify our own stock system, we have built in the required rules to store chemicals safely.


Corndell Quality Furniture

Suppliers to many of the big brand high street stores. Corndell manufacture a range of quality solid wood furniture. Meeting the challenges of world competition and low cost imports has required them to take difficult decisions in the way they do business. This has been quickly reflected their version of DIBS, enabling them to take control in this ever competitive market.

Burlen Fuels

The world’s specialist manufacturer in engine carburation. Uniquely owning the designs and patents for SU, Amal and Zenith carburettors. Classic car enthusiasts and restorer and aircraft industry are supplied by this world wide exporter. DIBS has managed stock and production for 15 years.


Infelber (Exports)

Trading on a world stage in specialist markets poses unique challenges. Not least working with multiple currencies and accounts in several countries and jurisdictions. Added to this working in a trade with centuries old trading practices in the modern Internet world requires a really unique system. DIBS rose to the challenge and has been doing so for 20 years.

Motor Industry

Leeds Commercial

Whether it be Truck Rental, Vehicle Sales, Workshops, or Parts Departments our Vehicle Business System (VBS) has been managing all aspect of Leeds Commercial growing empire since 1994.

Termhope T/A Kingsdown UK

Stockists and exporter of spare parts for trucks, agricultural farm tractors and construction equipment. Trading on a world stage with large heavy components. Stock control in multi currencies is bread and butter in DIBS.

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